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Final Update: 03/05/2018 @ 1618

There are a number of counterfeit forest ranger badges out there. There was a large number of such counterfeits made by a single individual in California about 20 years ago, with the expressed purpose of deceiving collectors into thinking they were authentic.

These are very convincing reproductions right down to the patina on the reverse side but, with the proper information, they can be easily differentiated from the real thing. These are slightly larger that the authentic badges measuring 1.5 inches wide and 1.7 inches in overall height. In addition, the numbers are hand stamped in a rather haphazard fashion.


Additional proof can be seen on the back side of the badge. The counterfeits bare name "Eastman Bros. Roch ester, NY" There's not now nor has there ever been a badge company by that name. An exhaustive search of the Internet bears this out. Building on the use of the Eastman name, the counterfeiter alleged its location to be "Roch ester, NY." Just a little common sense would suggest that any company located in that particular city would be aware of and include the proper spelling of Rochester on its products. And lastly, the pin used is a more modern style "pin back" that's been cut in half, again, rather haphazardly, and soldered in place.

The authentic badge, pictured below, is somewhat smaller than the counterfeits. It measures 1.45 inches in width and 1.6 inches in overall height. The numbers on this authentic badge were so placed in a professional manner. Pictured is the only badge seen to date though others must exist in family collections.

This back side bears the correct manufacturer's name and addres; "Bastain Bros. Co. Rochester NY." As others appear in the future, there is a possibility that some may have no marking on the reverse side, depending on the companies design at the time of the striking. The authentic badge has a hinged pin, the point of which is secured under a small hook as shown. This is the first authentic badge known to exist since the advent of this website in 2011 and of eBay many years earlier.

The following are some other badges and patches I've seen on the Internet, particularly on eBay, that I believe to be fake as well.

The patches below are also fake products intended to deceive bidders on eBay. The ruler in each image is a dead giveaway as is the item location: Clark Airbase, Angeles City, PI, Philippines. This site offers hundreds of counterfeit items for sale.